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Hello and welcome to Weekend Warriors. We are an original superhuman roleplaying game. Our focus is on interesting and compelling stories, told with strong and diverse characters. We have been open for three years and are always willing to welcome newcomers to our site.

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Please register with your character's first and last name, using correct capitalization. Check out our face claims to see who has been used.

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We've got site wide plots for our various member groups that you can dive right into.

Need help coming up with a character, check out our resources page, or see our wanted page for wanted characters.

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Weekend Warriors was originally created by Terri / Dosymedia of RPG-D. Skin by Rosey / WinterSeaSpray of Shine. Color palette From Ashes by winterseaspray of Colour Lovers. Custom forum content was created by Black of Code. All content is the property of the poster. Copying, stealing or using content without the creator's permission is strictly forbidden. Beware the Agency is everywhere.
December 12 - Check out the update for new information!

October 17 - After the riots the other shoe drops.

October 14 - A riot breaks out downtown.

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 Rules, mandatory!
 Posted: Jul 19 2010, 10:17 PM

N/A tall
N/A eyes
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376 posts Written By Rosey


Weekend Warriors is focused on collaborative storytelling through dynamic characters. If you're looking for quick self-gratification, then this role play is not for you.

Register with your character's first and last name. Please use proper capitalization.

This board is unrated. Mature themes may arise, but be tasteful. Label any mature threads accordingly (with an [ M ] at the beginning of the topic title).


We are looking for players who are at an intermediate level and above. A strong grasp of the English language is necessary, meaning that players should be capable of following basic grammar rules.

All threads in public places are assumed open unless tagged with a [ P ] in the beginning of the thread title. All threads must be dated and then submitted to the Order of Events upon completion.


Weekend Warriors encourages exploring characters with no consideration towards standard archetypes. Every character must be developed and well-rounded to be accepted.

When you first join you are permitted to have up to eight characters without waiting a month in between each character. After the first eight months, you may have as many characters as months you have been on Weekend Warriors. You must post 25 times with a character before applying for a new one.

The staff has the right to deny any player additional characters for any reason (such as activity).

A new player's first character may be between levels one and three. Subsequent characters may begin between one and seven. Refer to the leveling guide for more information. Characters under the age of 17 are prohibited.

Non-powered characters must be both agents and from outside of New Haven.

Prohibited Powers: Power absorption, bestowal or any manipulation of the future. Please check the ability index for a full list of banned and existing powers.


Don't use excessive graphics. Never sacrifice readability for prettiness.
    Icons are 200x300, please have one.
    Signatures are 500x200 or less, but aren't necessary.
For large bodies of text that are intended to be read, do not alter the font.

Your PB/graphic representation must be of an actual person -- no illustrations. You may not use yourself or close friends/family, and snagging random photos from social networking sites is discouraged. Please refer to the helpful links thread for places to find appropriate photos.


Do not powerplay or god mod or Frederica Conrad will climb through yo' window and snatch yo' people up. Please refer to this guide to collaborative storytelling for more basic role play rules, etiquette, and terms.

Be respectful towards all members. Take arguments off this board. The staff will ban unruly members.

Players will be marked as inactive after a month of inactivity. Accounts with no posts after two months will be deleted.

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