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 we'll get a little place in Harlem, and we'll figure it out...
Mireille Giroux
 Posted: Sep 5 2016, 05:41 PM
Bio Soldier

5'1" tall
Brown eyes
31 years old
+, Intangibility, Reflective Teleportation
339 posts Written By Mori

Well, not really Harlem, because that would be a long, long, loooooong ways away, but you get the gist.


As of right now, my move is going to be on November 6th (my official day to pick up the keys and sign the final paperwork is on the 5th, but I also have to watch my younger brother in his final marching band competition ever that day, so the moving won't take place until the next day), so I've got at least two months or so before I actually move, but as anyone who has ever moved ever knows:


That said, I'm going to try not to be too sparse. Mandatory OT at work should be winding down pretty shortly since summer is ending, and I'm going to try really hard to get all caught up (Ha... caught up. What is caught up?) in the next couple days and stay a bit more on top of things in the coming weeks, but if you notice I'm a little sparse as we approach November... well, you know why.

[x] Here's the apartment I'm moving into. It's on the third floor. I'm excited, but also dreading moving all my crap up three flights of winding stairs.

This affects: Mireille Giroux, Regan Took, Colton Carver, Ophelia Giroux, Cameron Douglas, Max Price.

user posted image
Daisy Svekis
 Posted: Sep 8 2016, 07:21 AM
Support Character

4'11" tall
blue eyes
32 years old
Level One
Plant Communication
54 posts Written By Paula

I know this might seem like asking for Too much right now but, trust me, HAVE FUNNN!!

user posted image
Colton Carver
 Posted: Nov 17 2016, 01:15 PM
Bio Soldier

6'4" tall
Brown eyes
37 years old
Level Three
+, Bone Manipulation, Pain Manipulation
70 posts Written By Mori

Bahaha. Thanks Paula. I had a blast.

Aaaanyway. I'm all moved into my apartment. Some things are still in boxes, but y'know how it goes.

Sibling Unit 3's Marching Band went well. Their band took first place at all the competitions and everyone hates them (that part of Salem is considered "the rich" part of Salem, so they get a lot of flack for it, when honestly... they just have a crazy band director who has them practice multiple times per week and on the weekends some times). Here's a link to one of their performances. Everything in finals was wet and gross, and we were all screaming, so y'know. Sibling Unit 3's the quasi ginger beanpole in the front percussion ensemble. Poor boy can't march because he's got a breathing condition.

Moving also went well, despite the fact that I was hauling all my stuff across town and up three flights of stairs. Unfortunately, I did have to put down my 17/18 year old cat (the black one), but it was the best choice for him. The squeaky cat is very happy to be moved, though. This is how she likes to look out the window: [x]

Aaand here are some messy photos of my apartment. There is a total box mountain in the foyer and some things are actually still in boxes, but I'm getting there.

I'm also getting back to writing (IT FEELS SO GOOD). Some characters are going to be getting some more open posts and others are going to get caught up while I get back up on the rping horse.

Thanks for the patience, y'all. <3

user posted image

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