Weekend Warriors
Weekend Warriors
an original superhuman rpg
Hello and welcome to Weekend Warriors. We are an original superhuman roleplaying game. Our focus is on interesting and compelling stories, told with strong and diverse characters. We have been open for three years and are always willing to welcome newcomers to our site.

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Getting Started
Please register with your character's first and last name, using correct capitalization. Check out our face claims to see who has been used.

New here? Great! Check out our newbie guide. You'll also want to check in about our rules.
We've got site wide plots for our various member groups that you can dive right into.

Need help coming up with a character, check out our resources page, or see our wanted page for wanted characters.

Ready to apply? You'll need the Application.
Weekend Warriors was originally created by Terri / Dosymedia of RPG-D. Skin by Rosey / WinterSeaSpray of Shine. Color palette From Ashes by winterseaspray of Colour Lovers. Custom forum content was created by Black of Code. All content is the property of the poster. Copying, stealing or using content without the creator's permission is strictly forbidden. Beware the Agency is everywhere.
December 12 - Check out the update for new information!

October 17 - After the riots the other shoe drops.

October 14 - A riot breaks out downtown.

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Abram Gadhi Support Character 15-February 14 85
Aiden Morrill Support Character 24-October 11 624
Aleks Tyler Secure Vault 1-December 14 108
Amara Rhodes Support Character 3-December 15 4
Anthony Dupont Support Character 24-June 15 52
Ariadne Livingston Unsorted 10-September 14 2
Ashley Graham Support Character 7-November 12 97
Austin Long Support Character 17-May 13 127
Bex Zhou Support Character 6-August 11 427
Billy Williams Surveillance 27-December 11 344
Bobby Hirsch Agent 2-November 13 212
Braedan Wood Secure Vault 15-March 14 327
Caleb Flynn Support Character 15-September 11 564
Cameron Douglas Secure Vault 17-December 14 68
Cassandra Finn-Sinclair Support Character 9-April 13 84
Celeste Livingston Unsorted 10-September 14 0
Charlotte Turner NPC 27-August 11 152
Chloe Martin Unsorted 5-July 15 0
Clara Gold Support Character 12-January 12 66
Clive Winston Deceased 25-February 12 214
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