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 Ernesto Santamaría, The Sandman
Ernesto Santamaría
 Posted: Sep 25 2016, 05:37 PM

6'3" tall
black eyes
N/A years old
Level Seven
Astral Projection | Portal Creation | Snatching
17 posts Written By Paula

user posted image
Ernesto ”The Sandman” Santamaría
Fugitive - 32 / February 25th, 1984 - Wanted


Ernesto has always been the shadow lurking behind his mother. He comes across as a nice, easy-going man, but for most he is little more than a vague contour they forget about almost as soon as their eyes wander elsewhere. Those who know him know he is the pillar keeping his mother up, the muscle that brings her ideas to action, the shoulder she cries on (if she ever cries), the only one who can bend her will without causing a fight.


Normal was a strange idea. Everyone at school kept telling him he wasn’t so, he wasn’t normal, but… what counted as normal? He had never felt anything odd about himself or his family. Sure, his mama wasn’t like other mom’s. She was prettier and funnier, Ernest thought. The way she always wore color and had a song at the tip of her tongue, most mom’s seemed dull in comparison. But she wasn’t weird, not really. She was loving and caring and she looked after him the same way any other mother did. Sure, he didn’t know his dad, that wasn’t entirely normal, but he had Uncle Harold and Zachary to make up for it, both were great replacements for a dad. Harold had taught him all his magic tricks, and Zach was always taking him out to the park to play ball and ride his bike. Even Salvador and Robbie were pretty normal despite being both pretty annoying most of the time. Being annoyed by your younger brothers was normal, right?

So what if he phased out every now and then in class. It must look weird on the outside, maybe, but there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for it. Uncle Marcus had explained it so. And what if his mama and Zach disappeared from time to time to do work they wouldn’t talk about? Other parents did that too, didn’t they? They took trips, worked abroad. People would understand if they knew what was at stake. They were the Future, his mama always said. He had to practice hard to control his powers for the Future, and if he sometimes lost control in class it wasn’t because he wanted to, it was because he was still a kid. He was learning.

They would know one day, mama said. But he couldn’t tell them, not now. They had to figure it out on their own.

The door before him opened, pulling Ernesto out of his thoughts with a small jump. Principal Levin was looking down on him, that stern frown of his dug deep on his brow. He couldn’t be too happy to see Ernesto’s bleeding lip, again. They were going to call his mama, and she was going to come and try to talk Principal Levin out of expelling him. Like she always did, because, despite what everyone said, his mama was normal like that and she loved him.


“Jax, man! What’s up? It’s been ages, I---“ The voice on the other end of the line sounds tense, Jax speaks quickly in that anxious way he gets when things are going sour. Ernesto frowns.

Setting aside the joint he’d been smoking, he sits on his sleeping bag, staring emptily into the stream running before him. “Woah, man, slow down. Slow down. Whatcha mean, I have to come back? I’ve got a life set up for me here, you know, and---“
Jax interrupts him again. Beside him, Gabrielle, his girl, the girl he’d never thought he’d find, the girl he was too lucky to get any attention from, stirs in her sleep. Quietly, he stands up, slips his leather jacket on and walks away into the woods.

By the time he steps past the first tree his brow has crunched into a frown. “Jax, you sure about this? You sure it was the Agency? Maybe he just took off, you know how Salvador likes to—“ His friend’s reply is too sharp, too steady for Ernesto to doubt it. His best friend wouldn’t like to him.


Taking a look back into the clearing, Ernesto wastes a second looking at Gabrielle’s chest rise up and down, so calmly, so unburdened by worry. Behind her the small trailer they share, stands idly against a mountain sight right out of paradise. That was the life he wanted. After Zachary’s death it seemed the only way to stay sane. He didn’t want to be his mama’s walking cane his whole life. He deserved better.

Ernie, dude, are you there? Jackson’s voice wakes him up to reality.

“Yeah, man, I’m here. I’ll be there in a sec. Just, lemme--- I’ll be there soon, alright?” Taking the phone out of his ear he hangs up.

He can’t take her with him, she doesn’t belong there. What he’ll have to do now, he can’t do with her. He won’t be this Ernesto any more, he’ll have to be the Ernesto his mama needs. Ernesto the Reaper. The time for games is done. His lips turn into a sad smile. At least he got his chance, if his brother had known when to step aside maybe…

Maybe they would never know.

Turning his back on the clearing, Ernesto focuses his gaze on the nearest tree. With a simple flair of his wrist a dark black hole opens, swallowing it up from roots to top. Without a look back Ernesto steps into the portal and disappears.


The slowly raising sun bathe the garden before him in an almost breath taking picture. It was harsh to be reminded there could still be beauty in a world as revolting and sick as this one. Ernesto thought he wasn’t ready, not yet, not while he still had blood on his hands.

He closed his eyes, letting the orange warmth of the first morning lights bade him, wishing they could cleanse him from what he had seen and done the previous night. So much death, so much pain, and for what? James Rogers was free but two men far bigger than him were gone. They had tossed the board and now they had nothing to replace it with.

Fear clutched his gut making a cold shiver run up his spine. How could mama be so wrong? How could she not Foresee the truth? Could she have been so blinded by love, so… Taking a step back, he opened his eyes, the dawn was blurry now, obscured by tears he couldn’t hold back. They had destroyed everything. The balance they had so carefully built and nurtured was impossible to sustain without Harold and without it… Everything would change.

Falling back on his old childhood bed, Ernesto dug his face on his hands, trying to hide the tears as if that would make them vanish. He couldn’t do this. He couldn’t hold her up. He couldn’t do this without him. The weight was simply too heavy, he would break and when the family collapsed… it would be on him.

A shuddering sob broke the quiet, followed by another and another. Ernesto cried for an eternity but when he rose again the sun was barely inches higher than before. Cleaning the tears away with back of his hand, he faced the door. Marcus would help, so would Robbie, it was time he did. With their help he would find a way to hold her up, keep her strong. She would heal from her wounds, she would recover the faith, and then they would find a new balance. The family would live on.


On October 11th, 2015, Ernesto embarked on his last mission as a Reaper. He was to take Naomi Sevan, The Gypsy, and all of his brothers and sisters’ memories somewhere they couldn’t be found and keep them safe. It was a task he didn’t wish upon himself, but one he knew no one else could take. Saying goodbye to his mother and younger brother, he slipped his old worn out backpack over his shoulder and took off to the unknown. Since then The Gypsy and The Sandman have been trying to find their way back home.

ability level seven »
    Astral Projection – Ernesto discovered how to separate his spirit from his earthly body at a very young age. At first he did so only in his sleep, mistaking his out of body experiences with dreams only marginally more vivid than his usual. It was a few years later, some time after his seventh birthday, that he chose to confide his dreams with his mother, providing an impossibly accurate retelling of her doings as a Reaper having never heard of her group of rebels before. It took little for The Peacekeeper to realize what had happened, after that Ernesto spent years honing his ability, learning the arts of stepping in and out of trance, until he was able to project his spirit at will. He is now able to control his ability with little effort, needing only a safe place to rest his body while his soul wanders as far as his mind can conjure. Distance has no weight on the astral plane, but time does, the longer he stays on trance the higher the toll on his energy will be. A high protein diet normally helps recover his stamina, as does a good night’s sleep, but Ernesto does not enjoy abusing his ability.

    Portal Manipulation – Ernesto’s second ability revealed itself on his teens, coincidentally also overnight. The young boy was sleeping soundly on his bed when the floor seemed to vanish from under him and he awoke with a loud crash on top of his high school crush’s living room sofa. After sneaking out of the home as quietly as possible, Ernesto ran home to confide on his adoptive father, finding it slightly embarrassing to go to his mama (who most likely already knew, regardless). Ernesto’s portal manipulation ability developed from his connection to the astral plane and is strongly tied to it. Only those deeply connected to their astral selves can join Ernesto on his trips, and while he can teach someone how to reach that connection, it has been almost impossible to transport people without mental abilities. While distance is hardly a problem for his portals, being able to accurately place one within the real solid world without splicing reality in two is quite a challenge. It takes Ernesto a great deal of concentration and a very specific emotional place for him to accurately use his ability. Otherwise his portal will tend to guide him through the astral plane instead of the other way around. Sometimes he rather enjoys letting himself be swallowed by it. He finds it quite relaxing.

    Snatching – The eeriest of Ernesto’s abilities only manifested later in life, and to his (not) joy, soon after the Mutant Registration Act. It has been by far the hardest ability to control, depending almost entirely on his affinity with a given person. If Ernesto feels a strong connection with someone his astral being will tend to project into said person, and try to take over their body. The first occurrence happened while Ernesto was attending a customer in the Cosmic Box and he was fortunate enough to have his mother there to ensure the poor frightened child had no memory of it later. She refused, however, to erase the rather traumatic experience from her own son’s mind. With time Ernesto has been able to amass some manner of control over it, yet it continues to surprise him from time to time, especially if he is tired. While taking over a body his spirit and its owner's share control, Ernesto can impose his control over the other person's, but someone unwilling and powerful enough could fight him back.
personality »
    The one thing that will come to mind when thinking of Ernesto is his open smile and cheerful stance. He’s the sort of guy that doesn’t ever seemed phased by anything, and the kind of man you’d think it’s impossible to anger. While this is obviously false, Ernesto does seem to have an uncanny ability to control and swallow down his own emotions, keeping a façade of care free smiles always at the ready as his best defense against the hostile world he has been immersed in his whole life.

    Having grown up surrounded by strong adult figures, Ernesto has made it a point to learn something from each of them. He appreciates the possibilities open dialogue and promises of peace can offer in a confrontation, just like Marcus and his mama taught him, but he knows a blow well given can spare years of hardship, just like Harold always said. From Zachary he took his inner stability, the capacity to always look ahead in the face of trouble and find a solution instead of a problem. He is quiet and relaxed on the outside, while rambunctious and ever dreaming on the inside.

    Ernesto has tasted love, true love, once or twice on his life, but it is the Reapers that make him who he is, and his duty to his mother that keeps him going. Her plans are his plans and whatever future he might dream of will unavoidably connected to the small army that has been his life for the past decade. A part of him yearns for peace and the chance to step away from it all, but he chooses to believe that will come ahead, in the future, once his share is done.
appearance »
    height » 6’ 3”
    hair » Black. He tried an afro once at Marcus behest... it didn’t work.
    eyes » Black.
    skin » Dark.
    build » Lean and muscly. Ernesto is a jogger, his main way to burn off steam.
    clothing » Comfortable tees and comfortable pants, basically anything clean he can find stashed at the back of his drawer or the bottom of his backpack.
family »
    Pandora Santamaría: Mother. He has been her right hand for as long as he can remember. She drives him mad and yet he can’t ever leave her behind.
    Zachary Elliot: Step-father. After his death Ernesto took several years away to wander the country. He admired him deeply and to this day aspires to be like him.
    Salvador Santamaría: Younger brother. His disappearance made Ernesto come home to stay. Their relationship was always tense and Ernesto never truly forgave him.
    Robbie Elliot: Youngest brother. Over the years they’ve found a deep connection in the calm coolness they inherited from Zach. Ernesto usually spoils him.

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 Posted: Sep 25 2016, 11:17 PM

N/A tall
N/A eyes
28 years old
Level Two
281 posts Written By Rosey


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