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October 17 - After the riots the other shoe drops.

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 The Aqua Arsonist Speaks Out, Oct. 5, 2015
Evan Cross
 Posted: Oct 9 2015, 12:54 PM
Support Character

5'7" tall
blue eyes
31 years old
Level Five
+, pyrokinesis, smoke mimicry
346 posts Written By Mouse

The Aqua Arsonist Speaks Out
October 5, 2015

Opinion Piece by Evan Cross

I don't remember what happened the night of the Aqua explosion. One moment we were in a night club and the next I was outside, a little shook up but still alive. It's easy to think that this means I did it -- I've got the ability to start fire without matches, fuel or sparks -- but I am innocent of setting the fire the night Aqua burned.

This is the true story of what happened:

Gang warfare has always been a danger in our city. Shootings, murder and fire have always been a fact of life when you go downtown. When Nick Tam's family was kidnapped, his wife killed, the only recourse for the troubled leader of the Triads was to exact his revenge. Aqua, a source of Agnesi drug traffic, was his target.

15 people died, including the under cover cop Lucy Morrill, a terrible loss to the city. Except Lucy Morrill's presence, in addition to the rest of the dead implicated the Family in the explosion. Hoping to avoid scrutiny, they needed a scape goat.

Cassandra Finn-Sinclair, long time assistant to Frederica Conrad, now temporary CEO of Conrad Enterprises, was the one who found me. There are records of her going into the court house to get my files unsealed, the ones that showed that I had a problem with fire as a child. On October 27th, 2011, Finn-Sinclair entered the court house and signed out files of every person who escaped the fire. Why would she do this if the Family did not plan on implicating someone there in the arson.

The day after, in a clandestine meeting, Tam and Conrad met briefly. Though I couldn't uncover why they had met, I believe that this meeting was to confirm that the Triad would claim no more credit for the Aqua Fire.

That is the day my nightmare started.

The links between Conrad and the police officer Lauren Baxter have already been established, but when Officer Baxter showed up at my door, I didn't know. I was taken into custody and quickly my "guilt" was proven. Now Baxter heads Conrads' security, and there are rumors that their involvement is more than that of an employee and employer.

Conrad holds the city in her vice like grip. She manipulated the Biological Counterintelligence Agency into removing her political enemies recently, but it is not the only crimes she has committed. A body, found in early 2012, flayed and in public view, a crime that was never solved, had clear ties back to the mob. Even her rise to power seems suspicious. Her brother, Marcello Agnesi, was only 33 at the time of his heart attack, and rumors inside the community suggest that the heart attack was similar to the one that caused Conrad's husband's death as well.

This is a woman without remorse or conscience. And her organization is now joined with the Agency in suppressing mutants. We have allowed her access to a government agency that has bowed to her wishes before. We cannot let this stand.

Join me in protesting this union. October 14th, 2015 at 2pm we will march on city hall and demand the removal of Frederica Conrad from power, and the reduction of the Agency involvement in our city until a full investigation has been launched into how the two organizations are intwined.

Don't let my nightmare become this city's downfall.

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