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Hello and welcome to Weekend Warriors. We are an original superhuman roleplaying game. Our focus is on interesting and compelling stories, told with strong and diverse characters. We have been open for three years and are always willing to welcome newcomers to our site.

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Please register with your character's first and last name, using correct capitalization. Check out our face claims to see who has been used.

New here? Great! Check out our newbie guide. You'll also want to check in about our rules.
We've got site wide plots for our various member groups that you can dive right into.

Need help coming up with a character, check out our resources page, or see our wanted page for wanted characters.

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Weekend Warriors was originally created by Terri / Dosymedia of RPG-D. Skin by Rosey / WinterSeaSpray of Shine. Color palette From Ashes by winterseaspray of Colour Lovers. Custom forum content was created by Black of Code. All content is the property of the poster. Copying, stealing or using content without the creator's permission is strictly forbidden. Beware the Agency is everywhere.
December 12 - Check out the update for new information!

October 17 - After the riots the other shoe drops.

October 14 - A riot breaks out downtown.

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 Update 2015
 Posted: Dec 12 2015, 09:55 PM

N/A tall
N/A eyes
28 years old
Level Two
281 posts Written By Rosey

We've updated!

New Member Groups

For information as to what happened after the riot check out this plot thread. Feel free to check it out and ask questions there. The biggest change, as you can see, is that there are new member groups! Everyone has been moved according to what I know. If you feel your character belongs in another group, please feel free to contact me. I'm happy to work with you on making the new world order work for you.

If you have questions about the member groups, please ask!

New Character Requirements

New characters have a few requirements that are different than before. In order to stay within the world that we've set up, new Agents must be from outside of New Haven. They can have been born here, but their home base location must be outside of New Haven. New Agents will have been called in from other branches to help deal with the local troubles.

Also there are no longer any non-powered characters for first time players. Older players can contact me for more information -- but non-powered characters would all be higher ups in the BCA structure, so we'll need to discuss.

The ban on new agent characters has been lifted however, so go ahead!

Requested and Wanted Characters

I have moved the wanted and requested characters into the archive (you can still see it) as most are no longer acclipable to the board. If there is someone you still want around, make sure to update their information before throwing them up again. The new thread for wanted characters is here.


I've added new powers and badge IDs for every character, but I might have missed something. Let me know if there's something wrong! In addition, Wanted and Proprietary Acts characters have code names, which you can see on their profiles.

Also, there is a space for gifs now! I've put in gifs for a few people, but mostly to see how it looks. You do not have to keep them, obviously.

Anything else I might have missed, let me know and I shall do my best to fix it!


We're in our last chapter of WW. It's been four awesome years with you guys and I'm looking forward to getting to write a conclusion to our story. Now really is the time to pull out all the stops!

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